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Early Learning Centre

Our on-site Early Learning Centre (ELC) is an essential element of the integrated services provided.  The emergent curriculum followed is based on the children’s interests and needs, as they thrive and learn best when their interests are captured.  Open communication is practiced between the children, families, and staff which is crucial to realizing a warm and safe learning environment.


The children are guided by skilled Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) who establish a flexible program in an inclusive, supportive, and non-discriminatory environment where the children are encouraged to play, learn and thrive.


This high-quality ELC provides a positive learning environment for the children that enhance their personal level of development. Through play-based experiences guided by staff the children are exposed to situations that help to stimulate:


  • communication and social skills through child-to-child and adult-to-child interactions
  • fine motor development
  • gross motor development through physical activity and outdoor play
  • self-esteem and decision-making capabilities
  • social/emotional skills
  • curiosity, initiative and independence

At the ELC, the special nutritional needs of the babies and children are of primary importance. The cook prepares hot and highly nutritious meals and snacks each day from a menu that has been reviewed by a licensed nutritionist and follows the Canada Food Guide.


The ELC accommodates children from birth to age 3½ with capacity for 10 infants, 20 toddlers and 16 preschoolers.


Young mothers living at Massey Centre and/or attending the onsite Secondary School receive priority for childcare spaces.  Spaces not used by our young moms are offered to families in the community. The ELC accepts both subsidized and full-fee-paying parents.



Tours of the ELC can be arranged by calling the Child and Family Programs Supervisor at 416-696-3348.


Waiting List

To place your child on the ELC’s Waiting List, please call 416-425-3636.


"Massey Centre not only gave me the ability to care for my child, but the motivation to get what I wanted for my life - to have my daughter with me and to live independently."


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Massey Centre is a client-centred infant and early childhood mental health organization which supports pregnant and parenting adolescents, aged 13-25.

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