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Early Learning Centre

Our Early Learning Centre is welcoming families back starting on July 20, 2020!


While we look forward to providing your children with high quality care and curriculum, we’ve had to make changes to our program and policies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes are essential to keep your family and our staff safe. We are happy to work with you and your family to make the transition back to our centre run smoothly.


Support with Transitions
To help prepare for your return, we encourage you to speak with Carmen Chivoiu, a registered psychotherapist about how to support the social and emotional wellbeing of your family during this time.
Carmen is available on Friday afternoons from 1pm-5pm to speak with any interested ELC families by phone or video call. You can access this free service by emailing Carmen at cchivoiu@massey.ca or calling 647- 446-8216. This service is confidential.


New Policies and Procedures
We’ve enacted new Infection Prevention and Control policies and procedures that will support the smooth and careful re-opening of our program. The information contained in these policies and procedures is based on Guidance from Toronto Public Health and Toronto Children’s Services. You can read the policies below.


Attendance Reporting Policy and Procedures

Cohorting Staff and Children

Screening and Temperature Checks Policy and Procedures

Food Safety Practices Policy and Procedures

Hand Hygiene

Isolation and Exclusion of Ill Child and Staff COVID

Management of Cases and Outbreaks

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Personal Protective Equipment Use

Physical Distancing Policy and Procedures

Requirements for Use of Toys and Equipment Policy COVID 19


For more information about our Early Learning Centre, please contact Gaya Sockalingam at gsockalingam@massey.ca or 416-425-6348 ext.252

Waiting List To place your child on the ELC’s Waiting List, please fill out this form or call call 416-425-3636.  

"Massey Centre not only gave me the ability to care for my child, but the motivation to get what I wanted for my life - to have my daughter with me and to live independently."


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