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Maternal Infant Mental Health (MIMH)

Maternal Infant Mental Health (MIMH) services promote optimal child and youth mental health and well-being by focussing on the health and wellness of the family as a whole.   Outcomes include a sense of security and self-esteem, the ability to form satisfying relationships, to engage with the world, to learn, cope and problem solve, and to continue positive development throughout life.   An evaluation of the child/youth’s needs for mental health services is conducted and staff collaborate with other professionals to help the family decide on the most appropriate internal or external services they can access.  


The services provided through the MIMH program include:  


  • Counselling and psychotherapy to address social, emotional, behavioural, psychological and/or psychiatric problems of children and youth at risk of, or who have developed, mental health problems, illnesses or disorders
  • Parenting programs to improve parent’s understanding of the emotional needs of the child,  his/her inner world, the developmental  level the child is at, and the help the parent can provide for the child to reach his/her full potential
  • Preventive interventions to promote the development of secure attachment between child and caregiver
  • Parent consultation to address parent’s concerns regarding the child’s social integration, emotional and behavioural problems
  • Social programs to improve the social support necessary for optimal mental health and well-being 

Clients can access MIMH services through:  
  • Group programs
  • Family sessions
  • Dyadic interventions
  • Individual sessions  
Frequency of services may vary, depending on the severity of the identified need.  

New in 2021

The Kuumba Project – more details coming soon.


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